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Pia Dahlbom

Pia Dahlbom – owner of Dahlboms Mat & Bar together with her husband Jonas Dahlbom. Located in Pias hometown Linköping. For them, it is important that their workplace is like coming home. Where you find joy and get inspired and where drinks and food are the focus. Pia have been working in hospitality since she was 15, and she tells us “the logistics, guests, co-workers and the tempo are what gives me the greatest satisfaction.”

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Read about Pia and Jonas startup story, Dahlboms Mat & Bar which opened up during the pandemic.
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Pia's favorite garments

Pia picked her favorite from our All Day Bistro – collection and choose the popular shirt dress in a feminine fit with puff sleeves. Practical with the large side pockets and soft fabric. She describes Segers:
“I think Segers garment are of the highest quality for both the kitchen and restaurant which both me and all the Dahlbom crew enjoys.”
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1017 Miesten kokinpaita - Oliivinvihreä
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