Chokladkonstnär och Segers ambassadör:

Pastry Artist and Segers Ambassador:

Frank Haasnoot – Master Pastry Chef with creativity, quality as the focus

Frank Haasnoot is not just a pastry chef but also a true artist. With outstanding skill and a passion for creating both delicious and visually stunning pastries, he has garnered acclaim and recognition in the world of pastry arts. However, it's not only his talent that captures attention but also his commitment to quality and sustainability.

Frank has worked for various pastry brands around the world, including the Netherlands, Barcelona, New York, Kuwait, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. In 2017, Frank decided to return to the Netherlands and pursue a career, allowing him the freedom to teach and develop his work and all his pastry and  chocolaterelated projects.

He has also competed in national and international pastry competitions. After achieving great success in several Dutch competitions, it was time to compete on an international level. In 2011, he won the World Chocolate Masters in Paris.

Frank's success as a pastry chef and ambassador for Segers is an inspiring combination of creativity, quality, and sustainability. By following his passion, choosing high-quality materials, and using manufacturing processes that are gentle on the environment, Frank, like Segers, strives to reduce his impact on the planet and ensures that his artworks are not only beautiful to behold but also created with care for nature.

4078 Bib apron - Khaki green
529 SEK
1006 Chef’s shirt Action stretch (Unisex) - White
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1006 Chef’s shirt Action stretch (Unisex) - Olive green
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