With Segers, you have full control from start to goal. We own our own production facilities in Ukraine and Pakistan, with warehouses and logistics in Estonia. The right garment at the right time, produced in a cool way. Quality and production control takes place from the headquarters in Borås.

90% of Seger's range is manufactured by our own staff. We were early in taking responsibility for good working conditions for all employees. Our code of conduct has been a natural part for many years in ensuring healthy working conditions at our factories and with our suppliers.

For many years, we own production units in Ukraine, Estonia, and since a few years even a unit in Pakistan, giving us full control. As a customer, you always have the opportunity to visit our factories to see how we work on environment and social responsibility. We have had several visits by both customers, suppliers and other outside companies and organizations, including JICA (Japanese International Corporation Agency), who have visited us several times. JICA is very impressed with the way we work on gender equality issues and presented Segers Pakistan at its seminar in Japan in September 2019. Segers, for example, has one of the few female tailors found in Pakistan.

Segers employees enjoy, among other things, the right to work in bright and hygienic premises with good heating and ventilation. An individual has the right to go home on full pay even if the order books are not full. Working hours are under each country's legislation and everyone is reimbursed for overtime and paid vacation, as well as provision for pension and insurance. Segers also takes responsibility for helping the local population outside the obvious employer areas. This has included everything from buying heart starters to hospitals and materials to schools, to sponsoring the local music school at our production unit in Ukraine.


Headquartered in Borås with sales, product development, IT, finance, market and design departments.

Ukraine — production unit

Seger's production unit since 2003. Has a capacity of about 375 000 garments/year. Deliveries to our warehouse every fortnight.

Pakistan — Production Unit

Segers’ production unit since 2016. Has a capacity of up to 750 000 garments/year Monthly deliveries to our warehouse
(at full capacity).

Estonia — Sales Office

Sales offices focusing on Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Poland

Estonia — warehouse, logistics & processing

Production Planning and Logistics Centre. In Estonia, garment marking, measurement sewing, embroidery, transfers and garment construction and sample making are also managed.

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Benelux B.V.

Sales office in Holland.