Segers material är valda med omsorg för dig och vår planet Segers material är valda med omsorg för dig och vår planet

Materials selected with care

BATAVIA — Seger's most exclusive cotton quality

Seger's quality 650 (Batavia) has a long-staple 100% cotton fibre. Batavia is a weaving technique that makes the fabric equilateral. The name is originally derived from a silk cloth in Bataviate technology. Batavian gets a special whiteness and fine lustre in the finishing touch.

Segers arbetskläder - tillbehörsficka
Segers arbetskläder - denim midjefökläde

DENIM — garments with indigo colouring

Important to consider for garments with Indigo staining is that these contain excess dye and can dry/wet weep before washing it out. The bulk of Seger's Denim items are garment washed once before delivery, but Indigo-coloured garments usually need more washes to stop weeping. The number of washes needed may depend on how light or dark the garment is. Keep in mind that dry weeping can affect light-coloured furniture, untreated wood, light clothes, underwear and shoes.

WOOLEN GARMENTS - very comfort important with care.

When choosing garments in a quality with a wool mix, it is very important to carefully follow the washing instructions in the garment. Choose a detergent for wool and do not use rinse detergent. Wash inside out, run a gentle wool program, then hang dry your garment. Always use a press cloth when ironing.

Segers arbetskläder - Ullplagg
Segers arbetskläder - skindetalj

LEATHER — take care of your leather items

Clean leather and skins continuously. At least once a year if it's something you use often. Take a wet cloth or rag, rub into bile or saddle soap. Afterwards wipe with a clean damp cloth.


TENCEL™ is a natural material and serves as a great alternative to cotton. TENCEL™ lyocell is made from cellulose from wood species grown on sustainable plantations. The structure of the fibre allows them to let through 50% more moisture than cotton, are particularly silky and gentle to the skin, and give a cool feel. It's also very resistant to bacteria.


The items Segers buys into with recycled polyester come from traceable, used PET bottles with GRS certificates that are milled down and converted into tiny chips. The chips in turn are melted down and strung into yarn which is then woven together with other yarns into fabric.

Nicely dressed with a clear conscience

Modern and durable workwear are a must in restaurant and healthcare environments. But textile production is a strain for humans and the environment. To take greater responsibility and lead the development towards more environmentally friendly production, Segers actively works on environmental issues.